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Bag Balm’s 12 Greatest Stories: #1

This blog post is one in a 12-part series. We asked fans to submit their best Bag Balm story in an effort to unearth the best stories about our salve as it approaches its 120th birthday.

Bag Balm in my family is like a tradition. As a child my grandparents owned a camp near Coles Pond on Walden Mt. So many memories of Lyndonville and the tiny towns, the one-room school houses, and fields full of cows.

From head to toe Bag Balm has mended many cuts, scrapes, chapped lips and dry skin.

I was recently at The Boston Ski Expo 2018 with Waterville Valley Ski Resort. I had a break and to my surprise I walked around a corner and BAM BAG BALM!! Best day ever. Simple I know, but my family’s LOVE of this product is ridiculous. I bought one of everything and I wear my long sleeve Bag Balm Shirt PROUD!!

I have certainly changed others lives by introducing them to Bag Balm. The ladies at the Boston Expo are probably still getting a chuckle over meeting me and my pure EXCITEMENT of those amazing little green tins.

Thank You Bag Balm if I could drink you I would!
Xo - Buffy