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Bag Balm’s 12 Greatest Stories: #11

This blog post is one in a 12-part series. We asked fans to submit their best Bag Balm story in an effort to unearth the best stories about our salve as it approaches its 120th birthday.

I have always had very dry feet and have tried numerous products, but nothing ever worked. ...I was told to put Bag Balm on my feet twice a day.

I was very doubtful it would work but, to my surprise, after about a week of using it faithfully my feet are soft and normal feeling. Bag Balm is a staple in my household now. Even my husband who had very dry skin from working out in the elements uses it on his face along with his feet too! He was using another product that was doing “okay” but that product is now history.

We are in our 60's and wish we would have tried Bag Balm many years ago, but better late than never as it is an AMAZING product!