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Bag Balm’s 12 Greatest Stories: #2

This blog post is one in a 12-part series. We asked fans to submit their best Bag Balm story in an effort to unearth the best stories about our salve as it approaches its 120th birthday.

I love Bag Balm. I'm a born and raised New Yorker and I can't think of a better story than the one posted on your website, “After the Twin Towers in New York fell on 9-11, Vermont's Original quietly provided Bag Balm to be massaged into the scratched paws of search dogs, who relentlessly roamed over mountains of rubble looking for survivors.” For this I am a loyal customer for life.

As for a personal story I once had a nasty cold that transformed my nose into a leaky faucet. It was nonstop sneezing and dripping for days. I must have gone through two whole boxes of tissues.I slathered this stuff on like butter on toast and my nose never got rubbed raw even though I was rubbing it like Parmesan on a grater. Amazing stuff! Can't live without it!