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Bag Balm’s 12 Greatest Stories: #6

This blog post is one in a 12-part series. We asked fans to submit their best Bag Balm story in an effort to unearth the best stories about our salve as it approaches its 120th birthday.

I've been a Bag Balm user since I was a baby… not being the SMARTEST kids, Bag Balm was the only thing my siblings and I were sure to not try and lick off our lips or, in the case of my younger brother, eat straight out of the tube like a lollipop.

As I grew up, Bag Balm made it's way into my rehearsal bag where I'd use it after dance practice on my cracked and callused feet, and into my duffel bag to heal up my hands after pitching full softball games.

The greatest though, has been on my tattoos! Bag Balm exceeds efficacy of anything else on the market. Paired with an antibacterial soap, a thin layer of Bag Balm keeps them from ever cracking, scabbing, fading and doesn't effect the coloring. It helps heal tattoos faster, and keeps me looking super tough and cool… while actually being a super softie.
- Stacy