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Bag Balm’s 12 Greatest Stories: #7

This blog post is one in a 12-part series. We asked fans to submit their best Bag Balm story in an effort to unearth the best stories about our salve as it approaches its 120th birthday.

I grew up on a dairy farm. So Bag Balm was a huge staple for our cows. We used it on all animals, and humans for scrapes, chapped hands, lips, cuts.

In 1996 my father received 3rd degree burns on both hands and up to the elbow on his left side. My dad was admitted to ICU. He required surgery, therapy, skin graphs. His left hand and arm had 183 staples.

The surgeon told my dad that once the staples were out to only use silvadane burn cream. My father ended up using BAG BALM.

Once the doctor figured out it was Bag Balm, he was highly upset. My dad insisted on using the Bag Balm. He knew it was the best salve to keep on hand.

The healing process was spectacular. The doctor couldn't believe how well this product worked. Dr. Thellman asked where he could buy it. All in all, the doctor started using it at home, and totally agreed with my father: it's the best.

Thank you,