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Best Black Friday Advice 2019

The day after Thanksgiving, better known as “Black Friday” has become the official countdown to Christmas. Every year there are better deals, longer lines, and new products launched for the shopping season. This year get the most out of Black Friday with these tips.

  1. Start a list: knowing what you are looking for is half the battle. Make a list of everyone you need to shop for before you get overwhelmed with deals and impulse buys. 
  2. Compare Stores: Many retailers offer different discounts for in-store If you are looking for a particular item or brand be sure to check to see what purchases qualify. 
  3. Factor in Shipping: Free shipping is great but not always guaranteed. Keep in mind what your shipping budget is both when purchasing and sending gifts. 
  4. Look for Coupons: There are several companies that offer year-round discounts that are often better than the deals you will find on November 29th. If you are a frequent shopper be sure to see if your coupons apply to Black Friday Deals. 
  5. Ask for Promo Codes: Share the love! If you have friends that frequent the same stores you do be sure to ask for promo codes or referral codes to buy items that don’t often go on sale.
  6. Check the return policy: The standard 30-Day return policy might not apply by the time you actually give the gift. Don’t forget to see if your purchase has an extended return window and save your receipts.