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10 Ideas For Outdoor Family Fun

Although Black Friday sales are tempting, we’ve chosen to extend our time with family by getting some fresh air and making memories.

However, we are still planning a little fun for you. At midnight this Black Friday (2018), Bag Balm has a special FREE prize awaiting the first five people to comment on our midnight Facebook post and Tweet.

But after breakfast, we hope you’ll head to the backyard or nearest park with a few simple household items, and let the games begin!

Burn Some Energy:

These games don’t need much equipment, and work for almost any size group:

  1. Capture the Flag
  2. Freeze Tag
  3. Four Square
  4. The Blob
  5. Steal the Bacon

More ideas and instructions here!

Relax Together:

Everyone can participate in these fun activities:

  1. Sidewalk chalk – Play a simple version of Pictionary! Those who don’t want to draw can help guess.
  2. Tic Tac Toss – Make a large tic tac toe board out of sticks or scarves. Players toss a small object, like, say, a 0.25 oz. On-the-Go Tube of Bag Balm, to mark their move.
  3. Leftover Picnic – Take those leftovers outside for a snack! Keep things cozy with a thermos of hot cocoa.
  4. Leaf Art – Lay leaves on paper and rub crayons outward to create silhouettes. Turn these into pictures of faces, turkeys, and anything else you can imagine!
  5. We can’t leave out a Vermont favorite, Cornhole!