Vermont’s Original Bag Balm provides relief for dry, cracked skin, hands, lips, knees, feet – you name it. Here are just a few uses for the little green tin.


Dry Skin

With skin-soothing lanolin, Bag Balm softens and moisturizes dry skin from head to toe. When nothing else works, Bag Balm works wonders!

Chapped Lips

For lip balm that lasts, look no further. Lanolin soothes and softens chapped lips, while petrolatum locks moisture in.

Hands + Feet

For dry, cracked hands and feet, apply a layer of Bag Balm before bed...then wake up to hydrated, softened skin!


To help prevent chafing and blisters on a hike or run, apply Bag Balm to heels, armpits and anywhere else you experience friction.

Tattoo Care

Tattoo artists swear by Bag Balm for post-tattoo care. To keep fresh ink healthy and moisturized while it heals, keep it covered with Bag Balm.


From taming eyebrows and flyaways, to adding a glossy highlight to lips and cheekbones, Bag Balm is your best-kept beauty secret.

Nail Care

Keep nails and cuticles healthy and hydrated with Bag Balm. Pro tip: apply Bag Balm to nails before bed, then lock in the moisture with cotton socks or gloves.


Going out in the cold? Don't forget the Bag Balm! A layer over nose and cheekbones will help keep windburn at bay.

Pet Care

From dry dog paws and noses, to chicken combs and wattles, Bag Balm is every pet's best friend.