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Tried & True Bag Balm Uses

Bag Bag Lip Care

Chapped Lips

Bag Balm has long been used to work wonders on chapped lips, which is why we've made it even easier to take our Bag Balm Original on the go. With our On-The-Go Bag Balm Tube, you'll be able to use this lip balm anytime, anywhere.

This is the only lip balms I’ve ever used that doesn’t end up making my lips feel worse in the long run. I apply this stuff once a day and I’m good even after it soaks in and rubs off.John

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Dry, Cracked Skin

Nobody likes dry, cracked skin, which is where we come in. Bag Balm Original heals, moisturizes, and protects skin around the clock. For hands, feet, elbows, knees, or anywhere in between, use the skin treatment that has worked for over 100 years.

Pro Tip

Want to wake up with smooth, nourished hands and feet? Before bed, add a bit of Bag Balm to your hands or feet (or both!), and then put on gloves or socks to sleep in. The next day, reveal softer and healthier skin!

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Bag Balm Skincare
Bag Balm Pet Protection

Puppy Paw Protection

The four-leggers of the Northeast Kingdom are tough as nails – they’re not afraid of the black bear, deer, bobcat, coyote, fox, fisher cat, loon, wild turkey, and ruffed grouse they share the Kingdom with. Preserve your dog’s paws from the harsh, icy weather in winter.

Pro Tip

Does your four-legged companion have dry, cracked paws? Apply Bag Balm to your buddy's paws and cover them with some booties (or socks!) while their pads are renewed.

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Bag Balm Works Wonders

We’ve heard from thousands of users over the years – everyone from ultra-runners, cyclists, runners, and skiers, to quilters, gardeners, parents, and pet-owners – even makeup and tattoo artists! The versatility of Bag Balm goes on and on.

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