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Where is Bag Balm manufactured?

Lyndonville, Vermont

How old is Bag Balm?

120 Years! It was founded in 1899.

What is Bag Balm?

Bag Balm is a trusted family secret that was created with a straightforward purpose: to rescue compromised skin from harsh conditions.

What is Bag Balm used for?

To moisturize, heal, and soothe chapped lips, cracked heels, dry skin, tattoo care, chafing, blisters, sunburn, saddle sores, windburn, etc.

Can Bag Balm be used on diaper rash?

We always recommend that you check with your Pediatrician. However, many of our customers have successfully used Bag Balm for this purpose.

Does Bag Balm only come in an 8 oz. tin?

No! We offer other sizes such as a 4.5lb Pail, 4 oz. tin, 1 oz. tin, 0.25 oz on the go tube, 0.75 oz Pet tin, 2 oz Pet Tube, and 3.75 oz Pet tin.

What is the difference between the ‘Original’, ‘Hand & Body’, and the ‘Pet’?

There is no difference between our Bag Balm ‘Hand & Body’, ‘Original’, or ‘Pet’ other than the packaging. The 'Original’, 'Hand & Body', and ‘Pet’ line contain the same ingredients.

Why do your products now include Paraffin Wax?

Paraffin has always been an active ingredient in our products!

Does Bag Balm expire?


Why does the new packaging does not list that Bag Balm is an Antiseptic?

We had a change in packaging in 2015 and chose to remove the word ‘Antiseptic’. The formula did not change, however.

Do you still offer the 10 oz size?


Have the ingredients ever changed?

The formula has not changed since 1988 when pine oil and turpentine were removed.

Is Bag Balm Vegan?

No (contains lanolin). But it is Vegetarian!

Is Bag Balm cruelty free?


Does Bag Balm contain any nut ingredients or are any products produced in a facility that contain nuts?

Bag Balm ointment does not contain any nuts. However, our Bag Balm Soap is manufactured in a facility where other soaps are made, so there is a possibility for cross-contamination.

Is Bag Balm Corn free?


Is Bag Balm Soy Free?


Is Bag Balm Gluten Free?


Is Bag Balm safe to use on pets?

Yes! Bag Balm is a Pet’s Best Friend! Bag Balm helps soothe dry cracked paw pads, noses, and hot spots.

Can Bag Balm Stain?


How to remove Bag Balm from fabric?

We always recommend bringing the clothing to a professional cleaner. But for those that want to try a home remedy; mix dish soap with baking soda and apply to stain. Scrub and let sit. Rinse and repeat.

Is Bag Balm available in Canada?

Unfortunately, we do not have distribution into Canada currently. We hope to be available there in 2020.