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Beat Winter Skin at WalMart

Chances are that you will find yourself at WalMart sometime soon while you are stocking up on all things Christmas. Don't forget the Bag Balm on your next shopping trip. 

From cooking and cleaning to wrapping and shoveling, this holiday season takes a toll on your skin. Protect and relieve chapped hands with a tin of Bag Balm!

"If this moisturizer seems a little old-school, it's because it's withstood the test of time. And since it comes in an eight-ounce tin, you'll always have some spare left over and ready to go."

This skincare essential does more than just soothe, it actually prevents your skin from cracking and drying out during the cold months. Need more information on how to care for your winter skin? Check out this article from BuzzFeed on Products From Walmart To Help Keep Your Entire Body Soft And Moisturized This Winter

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