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Lesson In The Garden

We often hear from fans that Bag Balm is a family tradition. It goes something like this:

I have fond memories of my grandmother getting a green tin of Bag Balm out when my skin needed some tender loving care. It seemed there was always a tin nearby, and always a need for it!

We also hear regularly from fans that temporarily forgot about Bag Balm, until something reminded them. With spring finally here, we thought we’d share this sweet story (author unknown):

After college when I moved out on my own, on my first spring day I had a to-do list a mile long. I worked in the garden all day. Of course, I wasn’t smart enough to wear gloves and missed a few spots with the sunscreen, and probably did not drink enough water … Needless to say, by day’s end I was feeling totally beat. I was proud of my progress, but my I couldn’t tell you what was worse – sunburnt shoulders, blistery hands, or sore feet.

I went down to the local pharmacy to see what fixes I could find and wouldn’t you know that familiar green tin was right there! I couldn’t believe the relief I felt seeing that tin, as if my grandmother herself was standing there to take care of me. An hour later I had my feet up on the couch, Bag Balm slathered here and there and a giant glass of water.

Now I’m properly prepared for a day in the garden: gloves, sunhat, water bottle, and my trusty Bag Balm follow me everywhere!