Rollerski & Glitter Balm

Rollerski & Glitter Balm

“It’s not just an ointment-it’s an attitude!”

Cross country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, is a way of life for many Vermonters. It’s no surprise that Vermont is home to, and a training ground for, many Team USA Olympic athletes. Go Team USA! From elite athletes to kids, for all families who participate in this snowy winter sport and for those with the grit to train on wheels through the summer, Bag Balm is proud to support the New England Nordic Country Ski Association (NENSA) and to be the named sponsor of the 2018 NENSA BAG BALM ROLLERSKI RACE SERIES.

Last weekend, we headed to Vermont’s NENSA Rollerski race, App Gap Challenge, giving away “Glitter Balm,” a special blend we stirred up by mixing glitter and Bag Balm. We were inspired by Gold Medalist Jessie Diggins, who teammates call “Glitter Fairy” because Diggins wears streaks of glitter on her cheeks during races. “The glitter on my cheeks during a race started as a reminder to myself that I race because it’s fun, and I love to ski.” She says, “Putting on glitter before my race is a salute to the little girl who just wants to “go super speed!!! 

The ✨Glitter Balm ✨was a hit!

  • Step one - select the perfect color.
  • Step two - apply to cheeks.
  • Step three - race!

Best quotes of the day by far: “I think it made me go faster” and “this is awesome!”

What a day! We were thrilled to say “hi” to Olympian Sophie Caldwell of Team USA, and we met international NENSA guest of honor Norwegian Ludvig Søgnen Jensen, the World’s fastest cross-country skier in the new discipline of super sprint racing.


“Bag Balm is thrilled to be partnering with NENSA for the 2018-2019 rollerski and ski season! We have a devoted fan base of athletes and there isn’t a better product to use on your hands and face (mixed with glitter, of course) for wintertime healing and protection. Bag Balm is a small, Vermont company with deep and personal ties to our local communities that mirrors NENSA’s own mission. Look for us at many of the NENSA events and races throughout the season and stop by our Bag Balm Glitter Booth to get your Balm on!”
Reid Greenberg, Bag Balm’s new President




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