10 Reasons You’ll Need Bag Balm This Winter

10 Reasons You’ll Need Bag Balm This Winter
  1.   Skiing - Spending a day out on the slopes can cause some seriously dry skin. Our sports tubes fit perfectly in the pocket of your ski jacket so you can spend more time on the mountain without your skin suffering the consequences. 
  2.   Shoveling - With winter snow comes lots of shoveling or plowing before leaving the house. Doing this chore on the daily can really aggravate your already dry winter hands, face, and lips. 
  3.   Scraping the snow off your car - After shoveling, you may have to spend another extra ten minutes cleaning off your car. Forget to wear your gloves? This is when chapping could really take hold of your hands. 
  4.   Walking the dog - Both you and your pup may want some moisturizing relief after trudging through the elements in the cold air. Make sure to stock up for your four-legged friends with our Original Skin Moisturizer which can also be used on your furry friends. 
  5.   Eternal chapped lips - We heard winter is also known as “chapped lips season.” Our On-The-Go Tubes come in a two-pack. One for your purse and one to keep in the car. 
  6.   Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Snowmobiling - Getting outside and being active during the winter is great - but the dry skin that comes with it, is not so great. Apply Bag Balm daily to reap the benefits of our magic formula. It works wonders on dry skin.
  7.   Hot showers - Nothing’s better than a nice hot shower to warm you up after being out in the cold. However, hot water can lead to even more dry skin! Bag Balm’s Mega Moisturizing Soap works great as cleansing hand soap and moisturizing body wash.  
  8.   Sicknesses - Winter brings lots of colds, the flu, and other illnesses, which leads to sore noses and chapped lips. Insert Grandma’s favorite remedies, Chicken Soup and a tin of Original Bag Balm
  9.   Running - Bag Balm is always a great product for runners, and the cold winter weather makes it a must-have for training during the chilly season. 
  10. Playing in the snow - Winter isn’t complete without snow angels and snowball fights. While you’re warming up inside with hot chocolate afterward, don’t forget to apply Bag Balm to your cold toes before putting on those toasty socks. 

Winter is fun, but the harsh climate can do a lot of damage to your skin. Bag Balm to the rescue! Keep your skin moisturized and protected around the clock this season. Bag Balm has been used for generations and is the trusted family skincare product for winter.





Top Occupations For Bag Balm Use
Top Occupations For Bag Balm Use

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