Top Occupations For Bag Balm Use

Top Occupations For Bag Balm Use

Farmers aren’t the only ones that can brag on their soft skin. If you work with your hands in any capacity, using Bag Balm can really save your skin. Many people who wash their hands consistently throughout the day, or are exposed to the weather, are often in need of some serious moisture. 

From nurses to mechanics, these are the five occupations that should always have Bag Balm in the workplace. 

  1. Nurses/Doctors: It’s no secret that washing your hands to stay away from germs and bacteria is an essential part of this job. Constantly washing your hands is great for healthcare, but hard on the hands. A heavy moisturizer will save your skin. 
  2. Hairdressers: Looking your best takes a lot of work, especially for your stylist! Exposure to a variety of chemicals, shampoos, and heat styling can do a number on the hands that create that beautiful head of hair. In between clients keep a tin of Bag Balm right next to the styling products to keep your skin hydrated. 
  3. Construction Workers: This is some serious hands-on work. Not only do workers often develop hard calluses on their hands, but cracks, cuts, and splinters are part of the day-to-day for those in construction. Bag Balm is as tough as nails on these hard-working hands. 
  4. Bartenders: Ever heard of a “hand-crafted cocktail?” Bartenders' hands are scoured with alcohol, ice, and citrus for hours on any given shift. This can sometimes cause what is known as “bar rot” on the hands of many bartenders if they have been doing it long enough. Protect and prevent using Bag Balm throughout the day. 
  5. Landscapers: Even though many landscapers use gloves when they work to prevent plants and trees from cutting them to shreds, those gloves often become stiff and even harder on the hands than nature intended. Slathering on a good coating of Bag Balm before you put gloves on will make it easier for your hands to get those gloves on and off during the day. 

I have been a professional hairstylist for 35 years. Bag Balm is superior to all other lotions & ointments. It miraculously heals cracks and soothes dryness overnight. I also live in a cold climate & sometimes forget to wear gloves, therefore, my skin becomes severely dry. Just another reason to reach for the green tin can. I am constantly recommending it for all my clients' ailments. - Annette



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