5 Tips for Running Your Best Race

5 Tips for Running Your Best Race

Fall races are here, which means that kicking your training into high gear is essential for all you runners out there. Whether you are out for your first 5K or ready to conquer your new 26.2 PR, here are 5 Tips to help you reach your personal best this season.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Keep water with you. Endurance training means exerting yourself for long periods of time. Drinking water throughout your run allows your body to maintain pace and prevents cramping and exhaustion. 
  2. Be Safe: Longer runs can mean early mornings or late nights of training. Be sure to wear reflective gear during dark hours and let someone know when to expect you back.
  3. Rest: Incorporating recovery days into your training program is essential to rebuilding your muscles. Also, make sure to get enough sleep before your race to be at your very best. 
  4. Stretch: Getting in at least 5 minutes of stretching pre and post-run can make a world of difference for sore muscles and help prevent injury. 
  5. Skin Care: Exposure to the elements and constant wear and tear on the skin can lead to dry skin, chafing and blisters. Make sure to protect your skin with Bag Balm before you hit the road.  
I'm an ultra runner. A few month ago a friend told me about Bag Balm to prevent blisters during long runs. I have used it now since a few months at several runs and races. Last weekend I finished the Pinhoti 100 and have zero blisters, I'm telling you Bag Balm does an amazing job. We, my crew, and I saw so many runners with awful blisters some even had to DNF. We ended up giving some of them Bag Balm and recommending it to several of them. I love it! - Michael


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