Bag Balm Helps Out In The Vermont 100 Endurance Race

Bag Balm Helps Out In The Vermont 100 Endurance Race

On July 20th, over 400 tough runners participated in the Vermont 100 race in Killington, Vermont. In the end, there were 156 finishers in the 100-mile race and 54 finishers in the 100k race. The athletes faced high elevation on the course’s rolling dirt roads, horse trails, and pavement.


The hot and humid weather during the race created some extra challenges for the participants. Fortunately, Bag Balm was there to help out! Our skin moisturizer was available for runners who were experiencing chafing and blistering. 

I'll start by saying that having the Bag Balm along the way was KEY! With the heat and humidity, chafing was a huge issue so it was amazing to have a tub of Bag Balm at each aid station, and I'm sure it got used. My husband is the happiest camper this year - no chafing (which is a constant issue for him) so he's a true Bag Balm believer. - Amy

We are proud to have been a part of such a special fundraiser and happy that our Bag Balm skin moisturizer was able to help runners feel more comfortable during the race.

The Vermont 100 race is an annual fundraiser for the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, an organization that is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities and providing opportunities for everyone to partake in sports. The donations are allocated to anything from basic access to sports to advanced instruction and lessons. Currently, the race raised over $155,000 to donate to the Vermont Adaptive! 



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