Your Best Ride: Saddle Sores Be Gone

Your Best Ride: Saddle Sores Be Gone

Saddle sores are no joke! As any recreational or professional cyclist will tell you, these can make or break your ride. Even if you ride with the best, most comfortable chamois, your nether regions are continuously subject to chafing due to the heat, moisture, and pressure. These tender spots are usually red or pink and raised and can often be mistaken for a pimple or ingrown hair. These little blemishes can be very painful and can inhibit your ability to ride at your best. 

Enter Bag Balm! Prevention is key in ridding yourself of these irritating sores. Applying a thick layer of our trusted formula to the area where you make contact with the chamois can prevent chafing for miles. Bag Balm Sport Tubes are a MUST have for any cyclist, especially those who are new to the sport.

Bag Balm Saddle Sores

I ride a bicycle for about 3 hours every day. That allows me to ride between 40 and 50 miles each and every day. My average total distance during the first 9 years of my retirement is over 15,000 miles per year. Needless to say, my 'Seat Contact Area' receives a good deal of abrasion. Before using Bag Balm, I occasionally developed painful, long-lasting saddle sores that made riding difficult. Once I began to use a generous layer of Bag Balm, my sores are gone and my riding is much more pleasant. I can focus on something besides my SCA! - Mike

PRO TIP: In addition to the classic Bag Balm tins, try on-the-go tubes. The perfect size for your pack or saddlebag and can even be used on your lips!


Bag Balm is breaking records courtesy of Rachel Schneider.
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