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Baggin’ Peaks, Takin’ Names

There’s a theme going ‘round.

A journalist with the New Zealand Herald just published this line about our Green Mountain State: “It seems there's not a family in Vermont that doesn't go hiking, cycling, camping in the summers.” (Full article here.)

On Instagram, @maisiesue wrote in, “Water, boots, and Bag Balm, the only things I need to hike!”

It does feel like Vermonters have just come out of the “dog days of summer” with fresh energy and ambition to gain some elevation. The weather has been beautiful and the mountains are green – but only for a few more days.

Foliage season is coming and it’s predicted to be a record-breaking year for color (read up on that here.) Maybe some of our friends and neighbors are hiking for some “before and after” photos.

Whatever the case, we know that Bag Balm is tucked into many a pack and pocket to keep chapped lips and blisters away, and as a tried-and-true fix for four-legged hiking companions.

Boots and paws are headed up and down Vermont’s famous peaks: Mount Mansfield, Camel’s Hump, Mount Hunger, Mount Ellen, Mount Philo, and many more. Still others are headed west to check off a few more of the Adirondack 46, or East to Mount Washington before the snow falls there.

Stay up to date – and help Vermont do so – with @VTANR – the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources - on Facebook. They are crowdsourcing a weekly foliage update! (Simply tag interesting finds with #FindYourPeakVT)

And while you’re at it, snap a photo of your Bag Balm tin and tag us, too!