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Bag Balm for Sunburn

More daylight hours means long days spent out in the summer sun. While we are sure that most of you always apply sunscreen before enjoying the warmer weather, the start of summer often brings with it the first sunburn. There are several stages of a sunburn, and Bag Balm can help!

Stage One: The Burn

OK, maybe you didn’t know how long you would be outside, or perhaps you didn’t dress appropriately. Either way, you forgot to apply enough sunscreen or didn’t apply any at all, and now you are red. Very red.

The body naturally produces melanin, and when exposed to an overdose of UVB rays, it goes into overdrive to help protect the skin. It changes the color of the skin as well. At this point, get out of the sun and take cover!

Stage Two: Inflammation

Once you burn, your skin reacts to the damage by swelling. It may become hot to the touch and can be painful if the burn is intense enough. Put on a cold compress and take an anti-inflammatory to bring the swelling down.

Stage Three: Peeling and Blistering

Some consider this the most frustrating part of a sunburn. In this stage, you will peel. A lot!

Depending on how bad the burn is, and your skin’s sensitivity, you may develop blistering with fluid. For most people, this stage manifests as peeling. Peeling skin is a continual process that is always happening; however, after a sunburn, cell regeneration accelerates and causes the skin to peel rapidly.

Enter Bag Balm! Lanolin, one of our four magic ingredients, works by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin. It will hinder the evaporation of water in the skin and maintain proper levels of natural oils. Use Bag Balm to prevent the peeling of the skin and help to heal the burn.

Pro Tip: If you think you got too much sun… apply Bag Balm… the intense moisturizer can help prevent stage two or three.


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