The Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

Let’s be honest, stocking stuffers are often the best part of Christmas. If you are a quilter or have one in the family, the stocking itself was more than likely made by hand and has been around for years. Filling the stocking with small gifts you don’t have to wrap might just be the reason we continue to hang and fill them. 

This year, make sure you fill those stockings with the quilter's best friend, Bag Balm! Quilts and stockings are made with love by hand! That means that not only were hours put into the stitching but the hands that worked hard probably encountered more than a few pinpricks along the way. 

Bag Balm’s Hand & Body Skin Moisturizer is the best product to give working hands relief all year long. Don’t forget the mini-tins! These tiny tins are perfect to keep right next to the sewing machine and can be re-used for needles and thread once the tin is emptied. If you want to try something different, stock up on a three-pack of Bag Balm Mega Moisturizing Soap. This moisturizing bar works great as a cleansing hand soap that everyone on your list will enjoy.  

Whether you are working towards your first project, or have been quilting for years, Bag Balm is a must-have for the stitcher in your family. 

It's really a wonderful product when you're sewing, because of all the pinpricks you get. It soothes and heals your fingers. Quilters are always pricking their fingers. We wash our hands constantly to keep them free of dirt, and you need something to soothe them." - Marge


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