5 Winter Running Essentials

Best Way to Prevent Chapped Lips

Just because it’s cold and the snow is falling doesn’t mean you need to put your training on hold! Winter is one of the best times to get ready for spring races and get in the miles you need to be your very best. 

To make sure you get the most out of your training, you need to have a few winter essentials to get you through the cold season. Check out these 5 must-haves for winter runners. 

  • Gloves: Keeping your extremities warm when running is important to be able to track plenty of miles. When shopping for a good pair of running gloves make sure they are wind and water-resistant as well as reflective so you are easily seen during the shorter winter days. 
  • Hat/Headband: Most of your heat escapes through your head. If you are running during the morning hours or into the evening you will want to find a hat to keep you warm when sweating during your run. Daytime and “warmer” runners can opt for a headband that will keep your ears and forehead warm while letting excess heat escape while training. 
  • Bag Balm: Take care of your face. If training in very cold and/or windy temps, your face and lips may become chapped or windburned. Bag Balm can help prevent chapping, and moisturize your skin. Rub some onto your cheeks. Apply on lips, for long-lasting relief. No need to re-apply mid-run. (Do note, however, Bag Balm will not protect you from sunburn. We recommend sunscreen!)
  • Layers: Depending on the temperature, you will want to have a variety of layers on hand for your run. It’s a good idea to purchase a quality base layer as well as a water-resistant running jacket to get started. From there, you can increase or decrease your layers based on the forecast. 
  • Shoes: The most important aspect of a winter running shoe is the ability to keep your socks dry! Soggy socks can prevent you from completing your route and can cause injury. Other important factors are traction and warmth. 

We hear from runners all over the country about how Bag Balm helps them year-round with their training. Our tried and true formula also prevents chafing and blisters at any time of year. 

When I started winter running with friends my husband suggested applying Bag Balm before heading out for a cold-weather run. I thought he was crazy, but after a few runs when I came home with windburn on my cheeks I took his advice. After applying Bag Balm to my face my skin no longer chaps or chafes from cold weather running. In fact, my skin has a nice glow and feels smooth after a run. I can't recommend Bag Balm enough, especially for runners! - Amanda


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