Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready!

Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready!

The summer wardrobe is coming out – which means sandals and barefoot days are on their way. Are your feet feeling and looking good?

Soften and moisturize the skin on your feet with Bag Balm. Apply at night and see and feel a noticeable difference in the morning. One trick we’ve heard is to wear a pair of socks overnight.

Here’s what one fan, Lesley, has to say about Bag Balm:

“The heels of my feet have been dry and cracking for many years and it was embarrassing. I started using Bag Balm at night on my heels and the bottom of my feet and wearing a sock. After only one use I saw a dramatic difference and after a week it looked like I had new feet!
“Thank you so much for this amazing product. I am no longer embarrassed to wear flip-flops! I have also started using it on my elbows and lips and am more than pleased with the results. This product is the one staple item I must have at all times in my home.”

Also great for moisturizing chapped lips, rough hands, dry cuticles, chafed skin, fresh tattoos, cuts and scrapes, and pets’ dry noses and paws!



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Made in Vermont since 1899, Bag Balm has been soothing and moisturizing skin for generations. From our origins on a dairy farm to celebrities' bathroom cabinets...we've come a long way!

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