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How To Heal Puppy Paws With Bag Balm

Masey, a 1-year-old Australian Shepherd, wrote in (with a little help from her owner Marlo) to tell us about her Bag Balm experience:

I had so much fun in the last two weeks! We went on a 2-week trip in the brown van all over the place! 

I got very raw feet and it hurt to walk. So my Mom checked my feet out and saw that they where rubbed raw.

She knew exactly what to do - she grabbed Bag Balm and covered my paw pads in it. Then she put socks on me, tied a hair tie around the top of the sock, and then one more layer of socks.

When I woke up we took off the socks and they were all healed! This stuff is a lifesaver for pups’ feet!

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