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Love And Attention Are The Gifts Your Pets Really Want

We all know how it goes – “they just want your love and attention” –
but you still want to get something for the pets this holiday season.

The right gift will result in your dog or cat feeling even more loved,
and receiving attention in a new way.

That’s exactly the result you will get with Bag Balm Pet.

Bag Balm Pet moisturizes and helps heal dry, cracked, or raw paw
pads, ears and noses; as well as hotspots and insect bites. It is safe
and non-toxic.

Put a little Bag Balm Pet under the tree.

Then, check on your pets’ noses, paws, and skin throughout the year.
When needed, massage a bit of our Wonder Salve onto problem areas.

It is especially important to check paws after walks in extreme
temperatures or on rough terrain. Pamper them afterwards with a
little Bag Balm massage.

If your pet likes to lick Bag Balm, you can put booties on their paws
afterwards to give the salve time to absorb.

We cannot think of a better way to shower your pet with love and attention!