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Vermont’s Original Bag Balm Turn’s 120 Years Old

Tried and true salve makes way for new products this year.

Lyndonville, VT - 2019 marks the year that Vermont’s Original, LLC, the manufacturer of the Bag Balm® line of skin care and moisturizing products turns 120 years old this year. The original formula consisting of just four ingredients has been helping to moisturize America’s skin since it was created in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in 1899 by Vermont’s Original President, Reid Greenberg states, “It started on Vermont dairy farms and quickly became the product of choice for a wide array of skin ailments. Today, Bag Balm is used by pro athletes, cyclists, beauty bloggers, new parents, and is still found in most Vermont dairy barns,” Greenberg added. “I believe that nearly every person can find at least one benefit from this simple, time-tested product.”

Bag Balm is an incredibly versatile, long-lasting moisturizer, and continues to deliver quality products that stand the test of time. Over the last several years Vermont’s Original has increased its product offerings. In 2016, Bag Balm®  introduced Bag Balm®  First Aid, an antimicrobial wound care ointment that protects against infection followed by Bag Balm Mega Moisturizing Soap in 2017.

“We are expecting to launch a natural line of day-use moisturizing lotions (this spring) as well as a Bag Balm® sports tube that is great for cyclists, hikers and runners. Our goal is to innovate around the notion of ‘share of skin’ know that we want to build one of the best skin-care brands in North America!”
Reid Greenberg.

Bag Balm has seen a lot over the last 120 years. The tried and true moisturizer was a savior in the winter of 1933, when the temperature fell to 50 below zero. In 1937, Admiral Richard Byrd took Bag Balm to the North Pole and during World War II, soldiers used it on their rifles to keep them in shape. Vermont's Original even quietly provided Bag Balm to be massaged into the scratched paws of search dogs after 9-11 who relentlessly roamed over mountains of rubble from the Twin Towers looking for survivors.

Some customers have been using the product for years and have passed along it’s tried and true uses from generation to generation. Famous fans of the product also include Grammy winner Shania Twain, Hollywood legend Raquel Welch, and Olympian Sky Christopherson. After more than a century, Bag Balm will continue to spread coast to coast – from farm to city, ski lodge to day spa, beauty editor to triathletes and beyond.