Netflix’s Madelyn Cline says Bag Balm is Her Skincare Holy-Grail during Quarantine

Netflix’s Madelyn Cline says Bag Balm is Her Skincare Holy-Grail during Quarantine

If you have been doing a lot of ‘Netflix and Chill’ during quarantine, then you probably have already binged the entire season of the new series Outer Banks. The new series takes place almost entirely outside and follows a group of teenagers in a North Carolina coastal town who go on the hunt for a multimillion-dollar fortune. 

Madelyn Cline plays Sarah, the rebellious, rich-girl love interest of the show’s protagonist John B. BYRDIE caught up with the new starlet while in quarantine. She passes the time with video games and meditation, and of course the one beauty product she can’t live without Bag Balm!

“At night, I also I moisturize out the wazoo. And then for lip balm I use this stuff called Bag Balm. It is the best thing ever because I’ll wake up and all the dead skin on my lips will have come completely off. The tin is $7 at CVS, and I’ve had it for three years. I find that normal lip balms will dry my lips out more, but this Bag Balm is my holy grail.”

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Madelyn also uses Bag Balm as part of her nightly skincare routine that she revealed to Harper's BAZAAR. Not only does Bag Balm work perfectly for lips, but your hands will love the soothing protection after months of aggressive hand washing at home. Slather Bag Balm on your hands and put on a pair of gloves. Then sit down and enjoy watching Madeline on Netflix. By the time you discover the mysterious fortune, your hands will be renewed. Find Bag Balm online or at your nearest retail store including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. 

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