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Actress Tracee Ellis Ross Swears by Bag Balm

Just like you, (and everyone else), celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross have watched their hands age ten years since quarantine. Excessive hand washing and a change in seasons can wreak havoc on hands, causing the skin to crack and dry out even faster. Bag Balm to the rescue!

Tracee puts on Bag Balm at night to have super smooth and moisturized hands in the morning.

"I've always had dry skin . . . I remember when I was in high school, I would use Vaseline," Ross says in the video. "I don't use Vaseline anymore, but I use a salve. I use Bag Balm."

Ross also used the video to stress that doing these things for yourself is also an essential act of safe care.

"It's totally worth it, and it's actually like a little gentle, loving version of selfcare to replenish the moisture in your hands," she says.

Watch her full video on Instagram and stock up on Bag Balm online or at your favorite retailer!