Our Tins Have a New Look

New design of the green Bag Balm Tin

Bag Balm has been sold in its iconic green tin since it was first sold and marketed on Vermont dairy farms in 1899 – and we’ll probably be selling Bag Balm in green tins for another 125 years. The original design had udders on the front of the tin and a cow on the lid, to reference our original use: moisturizing and soothing chapped cow udders. Around the cow head, a wreath of red clovers, Vermont’s state flower (and a tasty snack for any cow!).

Original Bag Balm tin, featuring the green color, cow udders, and clover flowers
Over the past few months, eagle eyed customers might have noticed some changes to our packaging design. The logo is a little different, the colors have changed slightly, and suddenly all our products have a dark green box on the front. The truth is, we’ve changed our packaging! But our “updated” design is really a look backwards, paying homage to the Bag Balm of 1899.

Read on to see what we changed with our new design…

Green Tin of Bag Balm with New Logo


Bag Balm Logo

Our new logo was traced from a vintage Bag Balm tin


Top of the green tin of Bag Balm
We re-imagined the cow + clover design on the lid, reintroducing a “wreath” of clovers.

Front of Tin

Front of the Green Tin of Bag Balm
We brought back the “shield” shape on the front of the tin
More prominently calling out Lanolin, our “best kept secret” ingredient which soothes + softens skin

Our Evolution over the years…

Video showing the evolution of the Bag Balm green tin
But don’t worry, we’re not changing anything else about our beloved, skin-saving balm. No matter what’s on our iconic green tin, the product inside is the same Bag Balm you know and love, still made in Vermont using the same tried and true ingredients. 
We hope you like our new look!


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Vintage illustration of Bag Balm products

Our Heritage

Made in Vermont since 1899, Bag Balm has been soothing and moisturizing skin for generations. From our origins on a dairy farm to celebrities' bathroom cabinets...we've come a long way!

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