Skincare Tips for Skiing and Riding

Skincare Tips for Skiing and Riding

There’s a saying up north: "There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing." Here in Vermont, as temperatures plunge and the season’s flurries start in earnest, we know to layer up for the hours we’ll be spending outside skiing, snowboarding, and prompting through the woods. Bring on the wool base layers, sturdy gloves, and warm hats.

But what about cheeks, noses, and other delicate skin that might take a beating when temperatures drop? We put out a call to some of our friends and neighbors — avid skiers and winter recreationists, all of them — to ask for their best skincare tips and tricks heading into the winter sports season. Because as much as we love skiing, no one wants to deal with chapped, windburned skin after a day on the slopes. 

Bundle Up Bare Skin

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“Cover your chin,” said one friend who logs dozens of days skiing each year. “All of your skin will fall off otherwise.” She recommends using a heavy moisturizer and a neck warmer at all times to make sure your chin won’t chafe on your jacket and jacket zipper.
Bag Balm’s original formula does the trick for before-and-after moisturizing at home, and we tuck the Balm Stick into our jacket or backcountry bag to have on hand for on-mountain reapplication.

Mind the Sun

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We might think of sunscreen as a summertime necessity, but it’s as important as ever come winter. Skiing or recreating at altitude brings more UV light exposure. Plus, sun rays can reflect off the snow on the mountain, hitting skiers with a dose of exposure from above and below.
If you do end up a little pink after a day on the slopes, the lanolin in Bag Balm can create a soothing barrier on the surface of the skin, locking in moisture and your skin’s natural oils and preventing painful peeling. 

Cover Those Cheeks

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Even with a buff and goggles in place, the delicate skin of your cheeks can take a beating if you’re on the ski lift or walking a pet in fierce wind. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Apply moisturizer before you head outside. A generous swipe of Bag Balm under the eyes will lock in moisture and keep skin shielded from harsh winds. 
Or, take a card from winter Olympians’ playbook and use kinesiology tape on your nose and cheeks under your sunglasses to protect your face from windburn and frostbite. 

Don’t Forget Your Feet

“Slather your heels in Bag Balm if you’re wearing Sorels or other pack boots with felt liners,” suggested another neighbor who spends long hours volunteering with a local ski club. Wool socks and liners do a great job of wicking moisture away from feet, but they don’t always know when to stop. While wool keeps feet dry and warm in the cold, it can leave heels cracked and uncomfortable when it’s time to kick up your feet for apres-ski festivities. 


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