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Hot Off the Press

From Beauty Influencers to Hikers, Everyone is Using Bag Balm This Winter

Winter is in full swing, which means it's the peak season for dry, cracked hands, lips, knees, feet—you name it. Here’s how people are using Bag Balm to moisturize and revive their skin through the thick of it.
Bag Balm might just be one of the most iconic multi-purpose balms on our list. This formula is somewhere between a medicine cabinet superstar and a skin-care savior, particularly when it comes to extremely dry and dehydrated body skin that is prone to cracks and cuts.”
— Jessie Quinn, Well+Good
“I have the craziest story—have you ever heard of Bag Balm? My friend told me this because she’s from Vermont, but apparently Bag Balm was originally used on cow udders. The udders were getting chapped, and it was harder for them to produce milk. The farmers’ wives noticed how soft the farmers’ hands were from using Bag Balm all the time, so they started using it on their legs and lips and elbows. So anyway, that’s my forever and always product.”
— Emira D’Spain, Glamour
“When finished hiking for the day, I will let my feet air out then wipe them down with a Wet-Ones wipe. When dry I apply Bag Balm and put on my sleeping socks. This balm, made in Vermont, is a moisturizer for skin that is dry cracked or chafed. It is made with lanolin, which has waterproofing properties that aid in shedding water. Great for protection for your feet when walking all day in damp socks.”
— Michael "Hawkeye" Johnson, Six Moon Designs
“[Molly Sims’s] first hit product was Bag Balm, a product used by her late mother whenever Molly would complain of sunburn or peeling skin.She went on to say it can be used for just about anything from chapped lips to split ends to the latest skincare craze, slugging. She said about the ten-dollar balm, ‘It makes your skin super moisturized in every way.’”
— Louise Archibald, Monsters & Critics
“Keep Bag Balm in your pet’s first aid kit, as it can help with minor injuries. It can be applied to various skin irritations, infections, and rashes. Moisturizing, soothing, and healing the skin are the benefits you will receive from using it on dry, chapped areas.”
—Andy Lam, We Love Doodles
“Formulated for excessively dry hands, Vermont's Original Bag Balm Hand & Body Lotion is a great option for patients in the midst of chemotherapy treatment. Priced at $14.49 on Amazon for a two-pack of 3-ounce tubes, this hand lotion is non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and free of fragrance, parabens, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Instead, it's enriched with shea butter and jojoba.
— Erin Marie, Health Digest
“A product that's been around to help with dry, chapped skin since 1899, Vermont's Original Bag Balm also has over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. The multipurpose ointment uses petrolatum and lanolin to moisturize and protect skin, whether you use it on your lips, face, elbows, knees, cuticles, or elsewhere.
— Marissa DeSantis, Elite Daily
“And if it is super cold, as it can be in New England, my friend and host of the podcast, Choose the Hard Way, Andrew Vontz, recommends Bag Balm, for all your moisturizing needs.”
— Jonathan E. Kaplan, Riding with Kaplan
“Keep your dog’s paws dry. Salt used on sidewalks and roads can present your dog with cracked and bleeding/sore pads. Bag balm or petroleum jelly works wonders after rinsing feet.”
— Kylie Hulbert, Hudson Valley 360
“[Alix] Earle recommends Bag Balm for dry lips and skin on Accutane. ‘It’s really, really strong because it was made for cow udders,’ she said in her Accutane TikTok series.”
— Kyra Surgent, Her Campus


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