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So what IS Slugging?

If you keep up with the latest beauty and skincare trends, you've probably heard of the new, viral skincare craze, Slugging. And if not, we're here to fill you in...

While this fad is new to the world of beauty influencers, Bag Balm users have unknowingly been "Slugging" for years! 

Photo courtesy of @felicia.dettmer


So what is it?

Slugging is when you use a petrolatum based product (like Bag Balm) to create a barrier between your skin and the outside world. It locks in your nightly skincare routine and acts as a layer of protection. And because petroleum molecules are too large to really absorb into your skin, it won't clog your pores! Adding this final step to your nightly routine will not only keep your skin extra moisturized, but it will also help repair the skin barrier overnight - leaving your skin super plump and hydrated the next morning!

Want to try slugging but worried about breaking out?

Don't be! Many of our acne prone users prefer using Bag Balm for slugging over other petrolatum based products for just that reason!

Don't just take it from the beauty experts. @therealfaithallison (TikTok) tells us why she prefers Bag Balm for Slugging:

@originalbagbalm dry skin? idk her 🐌 #bagbalm #slugging #sluglife ♬ original sound - originalbagbalm

Say goodbye to dry, dull winter skin and hello to Bag Balm!

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