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Top 10 Uses For Bag Balm

Bag Balm has been around for more than a century. It only stands to reason that has more than 100 years, people have come up with many different ways to use Bag Balm every day. While there are many different uses out there, we have put together the top ten uses for you right here! What's your favorite?

Based on Facebook Reviews, here are the 10 most common uses for Bag Balm:

10. Tattoo care
9.  Burns and sunburn
8.  Scars and wounds
7.  Chapped lips
6.  Cuts and scrapes
5.  Livestock
4.  Pets
3.  Persistent dry skin
2.  Childrens' skin
1.  Dry and cracked hands and feet

More than half (54%) of reviewers share that they use Bag Balm in multiple ways. 

21% name two Bag Balm uses

14% name 3 or more Bag Balm uses

19% simply say “everything!”

“This product is great! Use it for all injuries, heals most cuts, burns, scrapes within two days. It is great for wounds and hot spots on animals too.”

- Jeanie


“Absolutely amazing product. I swear it heals everything.”
- Krissy