The Top 10 Ways Our Fans Are Using Bag Balm

The Top 10 Ways Our Fans Are Using Bag Balm
How do YOU Bag Balm?
Believe it or not, Bag Balm has been around for over 120 years! While it was originally created to soothe cracked cow udders, nowadays Bag Balm has become a household staple for families everywhere.
We never get tired of hearing about all of the different ways our fans have been using Bag Balm over the years - in fact, we love it!
That's why we put together this list of

The Top 10 Ways Our Fans Are Using Bag Balm:


When nothing else works, Bag Balm is a go-to for cracked hands and feet. For long-lasting relief try the 8oz Hand & Body moisturizer Tin.

Put a little Bag Balm on before your bandage to help soothe broken skin. A little goes a long way, shop the 8oz Hand & Body Moisturizer Tin.

For extra chapped lips, apply Bag Balm before bed and wake up refreshed!
For convenient On-The-Go use try the 1oz Mini Moisturizing Tin or the Lip Moisturizer Tube.
A layer of Bag Balm over your nighttime skin routine helps seal in moisture. Not sure about Slugging? Click here to learn more! The 8oz Hand & Body Moisturizer Tin is perfect for every day use.
From cracked paws to dry noses, Bag Balm is a dog or cat's best friend. For easy application try the Sport Tube Moisturizer .

We've been soothing dry cow udders and chicken combs for over 120 years! The 8oz Original Skin Moisturizer Tin or the Moisturizer Jumbo Pail are perfect for use on the farm.

A layer of Bag Balm on a fresh tattoo keeps things moisturized. For easy On-The-Go use try the 1oz Mini Moisturizing Tin or the Sport Tube Moisturizer.

Before you start to peel, apply a soothing layer of Original Bag Balm. The 8oz Hand & Body Moisturizer Tin is great for full coverage areas.

From breastfeeding to baby's skin, Bag Balm is a godsend for new moms. The 1oz Mini Moisturizing Tin fits in any size bag.

Windburn, blisters, chafing, or saddle sores? Bag Balm to the rescue! Try the Sport Tube Moisturizer for easy application.
...much like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Bag Balm is the catch-all, cure-all cream to use when your skin ails you." - Into The Gloss
If you can’t fix it with Bag Balm, bailing wire or duct tape, it ain’t broke! The Vermonter’s mantra.” – A long-time fan, B.W
One amazing product, so many different ways to use it.
Shop Bag Balm today, and let us know how YOU Bag Balm!


So what IS Slugging?
Up-Cycle Your Bag Balm Tin!

Our Heritage

Made in Vermont since 1899, Bag Balm has been soothing and moisturizing skin for generations. From our origins on a dairy farm to celebrities' bathroom cabinets...we've come a long way!

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