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When Nothing Else Works For Dry, Cracked Skin

Bag Balm is a Trusted Family Secret for Rough, Cracked, Dry Skin.

A small amount of intensely moisturizing Bag Balm can be applied to hands, feet, lips, and any areas of dry skin.

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Since 1899, four tried and true ingredients get results.

Four simple ingredients are uniquely combined to create a skin salve with no added colors or fragrances, and no expiration date.

Take it from generations of families across the USA:

“Bag Balm is essential in my home. 76 years ago my mother used this on me and before that my grandmother used it on my mother. Six generations later we wouldn't live without it.”
– Diane

“I use it for all my skincare needs, especially during the winter. Great for chapped lips, dry and cracked hands and feet, great skin moisturizer and skin protection from cold weather, Highly recommend Bag Balm!” – Cindy Marie

“I grew up with my dad using Bag Balm for his rough hands and feet. When I was a teenager I discovered the miracle of using it as a lip balm. During basic training I would put it on my blisters. Absolutely amazing product.” – Coll

“My husband gets horrible cracks in his fingers around the cuticle every winter. Bag Balm is the ONLY product that heals his cracks. It is marvelous. I highly recommend it.” – Diane

“I've always had terribly dry skin in the winter. My heels would crack and bleed, and my hands would redden as if they were in the early stages of being frostbitten. One application of Bag Balm made a significant improvement. Three days of application, and you'd never know I have skin problems in the winter. Best product ever!” – Amber