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Four Gift Ideas For Dad

Four Gift Ideas For Dad

Show Dad you care by putting together a thoughtful bundle. We’ve compiled 4 ideas, using items that are easy to find and inexpensive.

Spruce up his Shop

Does he really want a fancy new tool? It might be better to provide a combo of smaller items that make every project more enjoyable. Present these in a fresh and clean 5-gallon bucket -

  • Pack of clean rags
  • Fresh carpenter pencils
  • Sandpaper multi-pack
  • Utility knife blades
  • Painter’s tape
  • Batteries
  • And of course, a tin of Bag Balm!  

Car Love

Shower his car with love to send him over the moon! A classic pine air freshener is still in style if paired with contemporary luxuries. Replace aging necessities while you’re at it -

  • Keychain – many innovative styles are out there!
  • Ice/snow scraper
  • Travel mug
  • Interior cleaning wipes
  • Gift card to his favorite car wash
  • Throw in a couple of Bag Balm On-the-Go Tubes! 

Sunshiny Days

For the outdoorsy guy, here are a few simple items that can make his trips safer and more enjoyable. You don’t have to buy him an expensive new frame pack, although that would be a swanky vessel to present these outdoor goodies:

  • Carabiners    
  • Micro flashlight
  • Dehydrated meals (they’ve gotten pretty good!)
  • Protein bars
  • Outdoor journal
  • A Bag Balm On-the-Go Tube

Let Bag Balm make your Bundle

Go simple with our 5-pack bundle. It comes in a clean, collectible 4.5 pound pail and contains our soap, tins, and tubes for all his skincare needs.

Gift baskets for dad – is he outdoorsy, handy, or a gearhead? We’ve got you covered with these gift basket ideas.