Bag Balm Cookie Cutters

Limited edition 4" Bag Balm tin and cow head cookie cutters, made in Vermont by our friends at Ann Clark.

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Limited Edition

Avid bakers know...Bag Balm is a must-have for soft, moisturized hands in the kitchen. After a day of cooking, baking, and washing dishes, the little green tin is a welcome sight on any counter.

So, to celebrate our 125th anniversary, we're paying tribute to our baking community with this limited edition set of Bag Balm cookie cutters. Made in Vermont by our friends at Ann Clark, each set includes one cookie cutter shaped like a Bag Balm tin and one shaped like our iconic cow head logo. Happy baking!

One set for me, one for my mom.

— Jeremy W.

I love baking and Bag Balm...Perfect!

— Liz D.

These are so cute!

— Jane G.