Best Lip Balms of 2020

Best Lip Balms of 2020

Dry, chapped lips affect just about everyone at some point or another. That is probably why there are countless products dedicate to keeping lips soft and moist. But which one actually works? 

Teen Vogue recently released the 27 Best Lip Balms for Dry and Chapped Lips in 2020 to help navigate your way through the different treatments available. It's no surprise that Bag Balm is part of this list and should be on yours too!

“Bag Balm changed my life!” says Liz Coulbourn, designer at Teen Vogue. Thanks to this and hundreds of other happy customers, Bag Balm is the Best Life-Changing Lip Balm according to the article

So many of our customers swear by our formula for even the driest lips, which is why we made Bag Balm Original's On-The-Go 0.25 Ounce Tube. Whether it is chapped lips in the summer, sunburns on the beach, or just everyday dry hands, we've got you covered. Works as both lip balm and hand lotion.


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Actress Tracee Ellis Ross Swears by Bag Balm

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Made in Vermont since 1899, Bag Balm has been soothing and moisturizing skin for generations. From our origins on a dairy farm to celebrities' bathroom cabinets...we've come a long way!

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