The Pets of Bag Balm

The Pets of Bag Balm
Bag Balm has been soothing dry, cracked cow udders since 1899! Over the years, it has been adopted by humans and their best feathered and furry friends for all kinds of skin conditions.
Our Original Skin Moisturizer works wonders on dry, cracked paws and noses, hot spots, flea bites, and general skin dryness and irritation. Safe for both human and animal use, Bag Balm is an absolute must-have in every household! 
Pets love Bag Balm, but don't just take it from us...

Meet the Pets of Bag Balm:


Her hobbies include paddle boarding, chasing squirrels, snacks and studying amphibians. She loves using the Balm Stick on her dry spots! Easy for On-The-Go use & adventures.


She loves to run and is curious like a dog! She likes to use Bag Balm on her hot spots. 

Athena & Leo

Leo uses Bag Balm on his nose because half of it stays dry. But when the tin of Bag Balm comes out, Athena goes nuts and tries to eat it. It's her ''Dog-nip!"

Shasta and Dario

They love playing fetch with wine corks. The Balm Stick helps keep their little paws nice and soft and is so easy to apply!


Bowie is very snuggly and thinks he's a cat/lap dog. He is always cold so he likes to cuddle up with a blanket and his Bag Balm beanie. He loves to to use Bag Balm on the tips of his ears because they get dry and itchy!

Loki & Inka

They are both about a year old and get into everything, especially Loki! They are both very cute...especially when they are sleeping! They are big fans of the 2oz tube of Bag Balm, because it's quick, mess-free and easy to apply to their dry noses and paws.


He loves belly rubs just like a dog - he might even be part dog if you ask us! Blue likes using Bag Balm on his dry skin and various skin irritations. 



She enjoys being pampered with a Bag Balm "pawdicure." Pro Tip: Use the 4oz tin and dip paws right into the tin. Then cover paws with baby socks to keep the Bag Balm from getting all over the house! 

Chayenne AKA Chey Chey

She will snuggle anytime, anywhere. She's a big fan of the Balm Stick because it's easy to apply on her dry nose - plus it's fragrance-free so she doesn't try to lick it off!



Laverne would rather live inside the house. She loves eating frozen peas and playing with her sisters in the pond. She uses Bag Balm to help protect her from frost bite in the harsh Vermont winters. She also uses Bag Balm on cuts and scrapes.



He's a big boy but super gentle and loves to play fetch. Gibson just had a few scratches and loved using his Bag Balm...You can see on his face he's like "Put more on!!"


He's a big boy that doesn't like to be alone. Once he sees you he will come running up and try to sit on your lap! Zeus is a fan of all the Bag Balm products and uses them on a regular basis.



Lucy always has Bag Balm on hand in the stables. It helps moisturize and protect her hooves from wet conditions and helps soothe her hot spots, cuts and scratches.
Do you have a Bag Balm loving pet? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us a photo and a little info about your four-legged friend, they might just end up on our Instagram!


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Made in Vermont since 1899, Bag Balm has been soothing and moisturizing skin for generations. From our origins on a dairy farm to celebrities' bathroom cabinets...we've come a long way!

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