Up-Cycle Your Bag Balm Tin!

Up-Cycle Your Bag Balm Tin!
Up-cycling is one of our favorite ways to give back to our planet. We LOVE seeing all the creative ways our fans are up-cycling their empty Bag Balm tins. Help protect our planet by reducing, reusing & recycling - or up-cycling!
Here are a few ways you can up-cycle your empty Bag Balm tins:

Bag Balm Succulent Planter

What You Need:
Empty Bag Balm tin Succulent Potting soil Small potting rocks
Step 1) Fill the bottom of the empty tin with a few small rocks (for drainage)
Step 2) Fill tin half way with potting soil, then place the succulent in and fill the rest with soil
Step 3) Pack the soil in tightly so the succulent is secure
Step 4) Fill the top with small rocks to keep your succulent secure and upright.
If you don't have potting rocks, you can drill a small hole in the bottom of the tin for drainage. Water your succulent about once a week or whenever the soil is completely dried out.

DIY Bag Balm Candle

What You Need:
Empty Bag Balm tin
Pot to double boil
Metal bowl a bit larger than your pot
Stovetop Burner Wax (soy, paraffin, bees, or container wax)
Wick Essential oil for fragrance (optional)
Step 1) Heat wax by double boiling on stovetop
Step 2) Once wax is completely melted, let it cool for a few minutes then add essential oils for fragrance if desired
Step 3) Tape wick to the bottom of Bag Balm tin
Step 4) Pour melted wax into tin (make sure to keep the top of the wick sticking out) and let it sit until fully hardened
Use two toothpicks across the top of your tin to hold the wick in place while your wax dries. If you don’t have wicks, you can use cottons string soaked in wax. For best scented results, make sure your wax temp is cooled to 185 degrees or less so the essential oils don’t burn off.


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