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Hiking Adventure Must Haves

Of course proper footwear and socks are two of the most important pieces you need for a successful hike, but don’t forget the Bag Balm. 

Bag Balm: A Pet's Best Friend

Bag Balm’s heritage began in the dairy farming community as the original udder balm for cows. Over the decades, it has been adopted by humans and used as the best dog balm for paws.

Road Trip Essentials: Bag Balm

Don’t spend precious space on a lot of products. You really only need one, Bag Balm! Bag Balm works wonders for everyone. You can apply Bag Balm to dry skin, sunburn, and more.

In Bloom: Gardening with Bag Balm

Working in the soil takes a toll on a gardener’s hands, resulting in dry, cracked, rough hands. Many gardeners rely on Bag Balm to transform and rejuvenate even the toughest of skin.

Moms 💚 Bag Balm

For generations, moms everywhere have trusted Bag Balm to care for their family’s skin. It’s time to return the favor! Mother’s Day is May 9th.

Four Gift Ideas For Dad

Show Dad you care by putting together a thoughtful bundle using items that are easy to find and inexpensive.